Saturday, December 24, 2011

And the winner is....

Natalija!! Congratulations to you and thank you to everyone who left comments and joined our blog. We were thrilled to get so many responses from you and look forward to continuing on this adventure with you!

Last but certainly not least, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and lots of love and laughter with your loved ones.
You will hear back from us after Christmas with more reviews, news and giveaways.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Four Days of Christmas: Day Four

Bring Me Home For Christmas by Robyn Carr

Another lovely addition to the Virgin River series.  This one centers on ex-marine Denny Cutler one of the town’s newest residents. His search for his biological father brought him here months ago and he chose to stay. His marine buddies are coming to Virgin River for a visit, and to partake in some outdoor activities. One of those friends is Rich Timm, and along for the ride is Becca, his sister and Denny’s ex.  She tricks her brother into bringing her along, but her real intention is to see Denny. Her current boyfriend Doug is visiting his family for Thanksgiving and has no idea what she’s up to.  Becca regrets her bitter break-up with Denny and wants some closure, before she takes the next step with Doug, marriage.
I’ve loved Denny since he made his appearance in Virgin River and was excited to read his story. Becca’s sneaky ways annoyed me initially, but once she comes clean with Denny, Doug, and her family, I really admired her. She’s never stopped loving Denny, he is the man that stole her heart years ago and never gave it back! Slow to start, the book picks up, and they re-discover one another. What made this book for me was the involvement of all the characters that we’ve met over the years. At the heart of this addictive series is Jack Sheridan, and we get a lot of him in this book, along with Preacher another VR favorite of mine. Their families and all the wonderful residents celebrate the holidays, small-town America style. It just warms your soul how they pull together to insure that no one is left out or forgotten during the holiday season. The book was somewhat mellow and the ending anticlimactic, but none the less, very charming and it was good to be back in Virgin River. It feels like coming home!

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Rating: 4/5 Christmas Trees
Robyn Carr: homepage


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Four Days of Christmas: Day Three

Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor by Lisa Kleypas

Since the publication of the second book (Rainshadow Road) in the marvelous Friday Harbor series by Lisa Kleypas is coming closer, I thought it would be fitting to include the first book, Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor, in our Four Days of Christmas event.

I have to admit that I wasn't the biggest fan of the book when I first read it. Here is the review I first posted on goodreads:

"The first book in the Friday Harbor series by Lisa Kleypas. I was so looking forward to this book and literally quivering when it finally hit the stores:)
The love story was very sweet and adorable, I loved the characters and am looking forward to the second book in the series. Lisa Kleypas is one of my favorite authors and her exceptional writing style got me hooked:)
Still, I have to say, this time I expected a little more and think that the story could have been expanded a lot. I felt as if it wasn't quite finished in the end. Mark and Maggie could have done with a little more romance and I would have enjoyed to learn more about the time when Holly first moved in with her uncle and their relationship. I'm still going to buy the second book, though, hoping for more romance and detail. Read this book if you want to feel good and get into the holiday spirit:)"

Then I read it again and again and again. I always take it out when I'm in the mood for a feel-good book that leaves a smile on my face and makes me feel warm and cozy. I think I don't have to describe Lisa Kleypas' amazing way of storytelling to any of you and if you haven't read her yet, you should do so immediately. It's the perfect holiday book and I'm beyond excited about the upcoming releases. Definitely worth checking out and just right for Christmas!

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Rating: 5/5 Christmas Trees
Lisa Klepyas: homepage


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Four Days of Christmas: Day Two

'Twas the the night by Sandra Hill, Trish Jensen and Kate Holmes

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I started reading this book written by three different authors. Each author took a character, wrote their romance, passed it on to the next, round-robin style, and then linked them together as one story. Beautifully done, and if I didn’t know better I would have assumed it was written by one person.

The plot centers around three men, Sam, Kevin and Stan, who formed a brotherly bond as young boys after they met in the orphanage where they were raised.  Their friend and mentor, George Garrison, town veterinarian of Snowden Maine is getting married on Christmas Eve and they are trekking their way back to attend his wedding. Fourteen years earlier, they all left and went on to become successful men. Thinking the townsfolk were happy to be rid of them and their hell raising ways, they never returned.  Little do they know how proud the town of Snowden is of their native sons, but they are soon to find out when they board the Santa Brigade!
Sam and Reba were childhood friends and sweethearts. She is on the Santa Brigade with the residents of Winter Haven, a retirement community that she is director of. Due to the bad weather, Sam’s flight has been cancelled, and through George’s finagling, he is able to hitch a ride on the bus where he runs into Reba. No denying they are still in love with each other, they just need to find a way to make it work.  Their story is funny, touching, filled with amusing banter and the renewed passion they have for each other.
Kevin is a private investigator, and he’s looking for a woman who has a warrant out for her arrest. Callie, the fugitive, literally runs into him at the train station in a very comical encounter. He too finds out that his mode of transportation has been cancelled, and finds his way onto the Santa Brigade hand-cuffed to the irate, spit-fire, Callie.  The funniest of the three romances, but no less charming, they were a delightful couple.
Stan is an ex-football player, his career cut short by a tragic accident. By George’s request he’s picking up Dana, who lives in Vermont, and he’s not happy about it. Until he meets her. Now all roads have closed and they snowmobile their way over to the Santa Brigade.  They have a slow, sweet, heartwarming romance that left me tingling.
The best part of the story is the interaction that they all have with the Winter Haven residents and the people that they meet, spreading Christmas joy traveling on the Santa Brigade. The realization that the townsfolk never forgot these boys, would welcome them back in a heartbeat, brought tears to my eyes.  Somewhat unrealistic at times, but what Christmas story isn’t! It’s still a charming, magical book, filled with delightful characters and lots of love!

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Rating: 4/5 Christmas Trees


Monday, December 19, 2011

Four Days of Christmas: Day One

Small Town Christmas by Jill Shalvis, Hope Ramsay and Katie Lane

Small town Christmas consists of three short stories by Jill Shalvis, author of the amazing Lucky Harbor series, Hope Ramsay and Katie Lane. I love reading anthologies because very often it gets me to try out new books and authors that I hadn’t considered before.

Kissing Santa Claus by Jill Shalvis:
In Kissing Santa Claus, Jill Shalvis takes us back to Lucky Harbor and gives us the story of NASCAR driver Logan Parrish, Tara’s ex-husband from The Sweetest Thing. I’m a huge fan of Jill Shalvis, especially the Lucky Harbor series, and I really loved this short trip back to Lucky Harbor before the release of the third book of the series, Head over Heels. In The Sweetest Thing, Logan apparently had an affair with a woman from town, Sandy Jansen. At the time, they both only wanted a fling, no strings attached, but it seems that Logan and Sandy never forgot about each other. Well, Logan comes back for Sandy and he has the perfect Christmas gift for her. Maybe you alreday noticed that I'm a huge fan of the Lucky Harbor series. All three books, Head Over Heels being the latest, are entertaining, sexy and so much fun to read. Jill Shalvis recently announced that she is writing three more books set in Lucky Harbor.

I’ll be Home for Christmas by Hope Ramsay:
This story didn’t appeal to me very much and is probably the reason this book only gets four instead of five stars from me. Army Sergeant Matt Jasper just finished his last tour and comes to Last Chance to give a family member of his dead army buddy her Christmas gift. Coming from a troubled home, he never experienced a real Christmas and is very glad to stay a while when the town embraces this lost man.

O’ Little Town of Bramble by Katie Lane:
Samantha Henderson has come back to Bramble, Texas and, although she doesn’t know it yet, also to her sweetheart Ethan Miller. Ethan and Sam had been best friends until the day Sam left and Ethan stayed in Bramble. When they finally meet again they both try to resist each other but finally succumb to what they both know feels right. I loved this very sweet story. This is just a feel-good read that gave me the chance to discover a new author and I will definitely try out Katie Lane’s Deep in The Heart of Texas series.

I recommend this book with all my heart. I really enjoyed this very quick but heart-warming read. I especially loved the short visit to Lucky Harbor and the chance to discover a new author, which always makes it worth it!

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Rating: 4/5 Christmas Trees

Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's Christmas at Swept Away By Romance!

Christmas is right around the corner and we thought we'd squeeze in our first event at Swept Away by Romance.

The Four Days Of Christmas will give you some recommendations on christmas-themed books that put us in the spirit.
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I hope you'll enjoy it and good luck to everyone but most of all MERRY CHRISTMAS.
The winner will be announced on Friday, the 23rd of December. This Giveaway is International!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

In Bed with a Highlander by Maya Banks

Wonderful! The McCabe brothers have stolen my heart, as well as the adorable Crispin. Ewan wanted to marry Mairin for what the union would bring to his clan, and found himself captivated by her charming and determined ways. Her relationship with Crispin warmed my heart, in the way of mother and child. She challenged Ewan and his brothers at every turn, and proved to be as fierce and protective as they were of the ones she loved. This devotion and determination earned her the loyalty and acceptance into the clan. So many breathtaking moments, but when Ewan assures her she is his greatest treasure…*gasp, swoon, faint*. I WANTED to jump on him and kiss him all over.

The story flowed nicely and kept my attention from beginning to end. I so enjoyed getting to know the McCabe brothers and loved their involvement throughout the story, as well as many of the secondary characters. This start to the trilogy is as much about them as it is about Ewan and Mairin, and I’m hoping that they will be a part of theirs. This is a great romance; enchanting, steamy, humorous (tongue talk…so funny!), a nice way to spend the day!

Watch the book trailer of the McCabe trilogy:

Rating: 5/5 palm trees 
Maya Banks: blog, homepage