Thursday, May 10, 2012

While You Were Dead by C.J. Snyder

For a while I didn’t read any romantic-suspense, even though it’s my favorite romance genre. The reason being that I was annoyed by the predictable plots and boring revelations of something I’ve known since page 10. You see, I was quite annoyed and in a real RS funk. So much so, that when I first picked up While You Were Dead, I didn’t get past the first 20 pages. I just wasn’t in the mood and that can happen but when I felt the time had come to give romantic suspense another try, I returned to this book. Thank you CJ Snyder for bringing back my love for RS and managing to shock and surprise me at every corner.

While You Were Dead is exactly what I was looking for.

Kat has loved and lost. The love of her life died and while she married someone else, no one can ever compare to Max. It’s not surprising that her marriage didn’t last long but Kat has another secret: a part of Max is still alive, his daughter. Kat decided to give up Lizzie when she found out about Max’s death. In her grief and because of some other personal issues she couldn’t take care of her and instead gave Lizzie to Max’s sister and her husband.  Now twelve years later, Kat is getting regular updates about her daughter but when those updates stop, she decides to drive to the house. She doesn’t find Lizzie or Max’s sister there but she does find MAX. From that point, the action really picks up and the book becomes one fast-paced ride when Max and Kat have to work together in retrieving their kid-napped daughter, while rediscovering their love for each other.

While You Were Dead is brilliantly constructed in its suspense plot. Everything that happens has a reason and is somehow part of solving the puzzle. Nothing is coincidence, even though Kat adamantly tries to pretend that it is. Once you start reading and the plot start to unravel there is no going back. I was swept along on a thrilling ride that I wouldn’t want to miss. CJ Snyder must have put a lot of work and research into this book to make it so convincingly real. On top of all that, she gives us a beautiful story of the invincibility of love and how it can survive death and other tragedies.

I really enjoyed this book and will go onto reading the next in the series, which is Greg/Ghost’s story. CJ Snyder has a new special place in my favorites shelf.  Heartily recommended!