Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Brooding Beauty and A Ravishing Redhead by Jillian Eaton

A Brooding Beauty tells the story of Catherine and Marcus Windfair, Duke and Duchess of Kensington. When Catherine and Marcus married they were considered the perfect couple of the ton and they were actually quite happy together until Marcus had to leave Catherine for a few months to take care of business. That separation marks the end of a happy marriage for Catherine and Marcus. When Marcus finally returns, he remains cool and standoffish and while Catherine suspects the reason for Marcus’ behaviour, she never confronts him about it. About three years later, Catherine can’t stand staying in a loveless marriage anymore and asks Marcus for a divorce. Well, let’s just say Marcus has a few tricks up his sleeve.

A Brooding Beauty is a story of pride, miscommunication and stubbornness but also of a love so strong that it can overcome years of bitterness and heart-break. While the plot is not very original, I have to say that I really enjoyed Jillian Eaton’s way of story-telling. The book is full of drama and romance but also laughter and a light-hearted style of writing that I really liked. The series consist of four books and they tell the stories of Catherine’s best friends. The next book in the series is A Ravishing Redhead, Maggie’s story.

After A Brooding Beauty, A Ravishing Redhead tells the story of Catherine’s friend Margaret. It isn’t necessary to read the books in order but as they are quite short anyway, I would recommend it.

In A Ravishing Redhead, Margaret and her husband Henry find their way back to each other. Eight months ago, Henry married Margaret in a desperate need of financial support. Anyone would think a Duke wouldn’t need more money but Henry’s family isn’t the wealthiest, thus his marriage to Margaret. Right after the wedding, Henry left with Margaret’s dowry to make a fortune. While Henry succeeds in everything he has set out to do, Margaret remains at Heathridge without any funds to pay the servant or keep the manor in an acceptable state. Finally, Henry returns for his wife and a very sweet romance starts to unfold. Henry is very sweet and I loved Margaret’s spirit. She is fierce and independent and won’t let anyone order her around.

I like A Ravishing Redhead a little better than the first book in the series just because the characters are really great and a lot of fun to read about. This is a short, steamy and sweet novella for romance lovers. It might not be a hundred percent historically accurate but a lot of fun nonetheless! I have to say that out of the four friends, Josephine and Grace intrigue me the most. Josephine’s story is next in A Lascivious Lady. I can’t wait!

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