Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Forty Shades of Pearl by Arianne Richmonde

Story Rating: 4 Stars
Character Rating: 4 Stars
Romance Rating: 5 Stars
Heat Level: 4 Stars
Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Well, this book was really a surprise and I have to say that I liked it a LOT!  It is written in first person narrative, using the heroine Pearl to tell the story. I have to confess, that I have not read very many books written in this format, but Arianne Richmonde pulled it off very well.

The story was one that kept me interested, because the heroine is a 40 year old woman who had been divorced for over 2 years and had not dated in all that time. Her ex-husband was not enthusiastic in the bed, leaving Pearl to believe that she can't have the big O with penetration.  
Alexandre is the hero; he is French, 25 years old, very rich and absolutely gorgeous. Once he sees Pearl he has to have her. They start out with a date and have a wonderful time, and then it's over…or is it? He ends up sending her a beautiful antique pearl necklace that has so many different colors of pearls, hence the name of the book, Forty Shades of Pearl.    
As the book moves along we get a very romantic story, and oh yes, the heat is on. The sex/love scenes in this book are extremely sensuous and well done. Of course Alexandre proves to Pearl that she can have the big O in many different ways and multiple times.
We also have some angst in this story, but everything works out fine and the ending is good. However, it's not quite finished. It looks like this will be a continuous series, as Arianne has plans for 2 more books. I hope we don't have a long wait, because I for one, plan on reading them when they are released.
I recommend this book for those who enjoy a wonderfully written first person narrative, romantic erotica, and lots of dialogue and plenty of well-done descriptive scenes. At a price of $2.99 you get a lot of book for the money, and it will for sure have you clicking at Amazon to get your copy:-)

Thank you to Arianne Richmonde for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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