Friday, March 30, 2012

Taking A Shot by Jaci Burton

Very enjoyable and I absolutely LOVED it!! In my opinion, the best book in the series. I understand that quite a few reviews have expressed their annoyance or dislike for Jenna, but once she explained herself, I was on board with her feelings. I had my issues with her too, but as I continued to read and the big picture presented itself, it made sense and I gave her my sympathy. She never once laid blame on Ty for anything and always reprimanded herself when her actions towards him were unacceptable, unfortunately only in her head. Was it right how she treated him?! No, but then there would have been no drama. She always expressed her admiration for Ty, again, only in her mind. Jenna accepted the hand that life dealt her and did her best to do what she felt she needed to do. She took a backseat and never complained outwardly when the responsibility of the family business fell on her shoulders. Her brothers continued to pursue and live their dreams; with her full support. She went with the flow, at times begrudgingly, and that is why she came off as a sour puss maybe even bratty. Nonetheless she took on the challenge and I am a Jenna advocate.

Okay now on to the crème de la crème of this book. TY! Tyler Anderson *swoon-sigh-faint*!! I could not find one damn thing wrong with him. What a man. Sexy, smart, sweet, passionate, thoughtful, understanding… he was PERFECT!!! He was so hot...HOT HOT HOT; I’m surprised the ice didn’t melt under him when he skated! Oh my, did he lay some smokin,’ sizzlin,’ lovin’ on Jenna, over and over again…oh and then some more…wait, again… oh why not one more time! He used his mouth for more than just talking…ALOT! I’m still trying to recover from the ecstasy; I’m in a euphoric haze!

Jaci Burton must be a hockey fan, because her writing in relation to the game and the fans was spot on! I felt like I was right there in the stands watching Ty and the Ice play. There is no other sport quite like it. If you’ve never been to or watched a game, you are missing out on a truly exhilarating experience. The game is brutal, demanding, fast-paced and watching the players can be quite the turn-on!

I just loved the overall feel of this book. From the family gatherings to the lunch dates that Jenna, Tara and Liz had on a weekly basis, and their sassy, funny banter! Not only did we get to see Ty and Jenna’s relationship develop, we got time with and a look into the lives of the wonderful characters from the previous books. They were all involved at some point and I welcomed them with open arms. It has me thinking that as the series continues, could Nathan take the spotlight at some point? Hmmm, now that would be awesome!

Even though the ending was satisfying, I wish as I did in all the previous books, that JC would give us an epilogue. I just love them. Other than that it’s a great read, with fantastic dialogue, good storyline, a warm family feel, some laughs, plenty of sexy time and …TY!! He alone is worth 5 Stars!

I can't help myself, so I'm adding a picture of Ty, because this is the image I had in my head the whole time I was reading. Enjoy!!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hot 100 Giveaway Winners

June M. and Maria pronounced Mariah

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Again, thanks to everyone who joined us and congratulations to the winners.

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18 & Over Blog Hop Giveaway Winners

Sue Sattler and Donna!!!

Congrats to you!

We had a lot of fun during this hop. Thank you all for participating. We loved reading about your perfect heroes!

Thank you again to Kele Moon for providing the sneak peek at her upcoming novel!!

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Hot 100 Giveaway - Lover Reborn

About four months ago, we started Swept Away By Romance and we’ve been loving it! We can’t believe that we’re about to hit the 100 followers mark and want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who supported us, left comments or told their friends about the blog. We appreciate every single one of you.
To celebrate we are giving away two copies of the highly anticipated upcoming book by J.R. Ward.
LOVER REBORN is the tenth book in the successful Black Dagger series. Karla has just recently been introduced to it and she loves the books! For me (Steffi), Dark Lover was my very first paranormal romance and it has made me a big fan of the genre. The Black Dagger series has a special meaning to its readers and I’m sure everyone has their own personal story to go with it.

To win a copy you must:
-          be a follower or sign up to be one
-          leave a valid email address
-         leave a comment and tell us about your favorite Black Dagger character (if you haven’t read the series yet but still want to win, just let us know what makes you curious about it)

The Giveaway is International and ends on Tuesday (March 27th). The winners may choose the format; ebook, hardcover/paperback.

This is the official blurb from J.R. Ward’s website:

Ever since the death of his shellan, Tohrment is a heartbroken shadow of the vampire leader he once was. Brought back to the Brotherhood by a self-serving fallen angel, he fights again with ruthless vengeance- and is unprepared for a new tragedy. Seeing his beloved in dreams—trapped in a cold, desolate netherworld—he turns to the angel to save his former mate, only to despair at the path he himself must take to set her free.  As war with the lessers rages, and a new clan of vampires vies for the Blind King’s throne, Tohr struggles between an unforgettable past, and a future that he doesn’t know he can live with… but can’t seem to turn away from.

Sound good? Then enter down below and good luck! We’re looking forward to finding out about your favorite BDB character.

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 Steffi and Karla

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18 & Over Book Blogger Giveaway Hop: Giveaway and Sneak Peek at Kele Moon's upcoming release

Get Swept Away by Scrumptious Sexy Men!

We have them here...Three HOT reads guaranteed to have you squirming! Gage, Derrick and Clay, waiting for you to take a chance on them. Two gorgeous brothers and one hunky UFC heavy weight fighter! Our brawny boys can't wait to go home with you. So check out the reviews, the mouthwatering pictures and enter to win all three ebooks, plus choice of a $10 gift card from Ellora's Cave, Samhain Publishing or AllRomance ebooks. We are giving away 2 complete prize packages. The Giveaway is International and ends on March 25th.

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3.      tell us about what you like in your heroes

Here is what you can win:

Enjoying the Show by Marie Harte

Mr. Tool, Gage Warren, construction worker, packs a big hammer…he’s every woman’s fantasy! Across the way from his apartment, a group of women are spying on him; Hailey Jennison is one of those women.  Gage gives them a live show as he parades around naked and occasionally pleasures himself. What they don’t know is he’s been watching someone too and that someone is Hailey!
Gage and Hailey are awesome together. OMG…the two of them just heat up the pages. He talks the talk, the “dirty talk” and then just hammers it home…EVERYTIME!! They don’t call him Mr. Tool for nothing. It starts out as a sexual relationship and along the way they fall in love. A sweet, hot, sexy, short story that packs a punch!

Buckle up, ladies, because here he is: the handsome, the scrumptious Mr. Tool...Gage Warren:

Closing the Deal by Marie Harte

We’re back with the Warren brothers in this insanely hot book. Sydney Fields is Hailey’s best friend and fellow voyeur from Enjoying the Show. Derrick always gets what he wants and he wants Sydney, and when he finally scores a date with her, it doesn’t go as planned. Now he has to convince her to give him another chance.

Derrick goes to Sydney's house on a whim and the pent up desire these two have for each other explodes…KABOOM! Derrick is a “dirty talker”, but Sydney gives as good as she gets, and goes right back at him. They agree to one hot night together…to get it out of their system…only one night is not enough! Feisty hot fun when these two find out they can’t keep their hands off each other!!

Our Derrick, just for you:

Defying the Odds (Battered Hearts) by Kele Moon

Clay and Melody are an unlikely pairing. He is a UFC fighter with a violent job and she is a sweet waitress with a violent past she wants to forget. Out of a very small act of kindness from Melody, emerges a connection between two battered souls that is beautiful to experience. Clay is a very strong character with a gentle and humble heart and OMG is he HOT! Melody and Clay set the sheets on fire. They are explosive together.
Defying the Odds by Kele Moon is definitely is seat-squirmer in the best possible way! A lot of hot, steamy kisses, but also enough romance to satisfy any romantic at heart with a naughty side.  
A steamy, fun, sweet and naughty ride that will sweep you of your feet. Damp panties guaranteed! The best thing: this is a continuing series!
We don't want to let you wait. Without further ado we present to you, the hunkalicious Clay Powers:




The best part of this post (in our opinion) is a sneak peek we have for you of Kele Moon's second book in the Battered Hearts series! Kele was kind enough to give us this exclusive excerpt to share with you. The tentative title is Star Crossed. Enjoy!

“I’m thinking of taking Clay up on his offer to be my training partner.”

Jules closed her eyes at the smooth male voice that sent a shiver of pleasure running up her spine. She pressed the cellphone closer to her ear as she stared out at the street blinking merrily at her in a wide array of color from the neighbors’ Christmas lights and lawn reindeer.

“No,” she whispered. “Please don’t.”

“Why not?”

Jules laughed incredulously. “You need a list?”

“Yeah, gimme a list.”

“My brother thinks you’re a criminal,” Jules started. “He says your family’s involved in organized crime.”

“I’m not holding it against you that your brother’s the Sherriff of Hicksville and an asshole besides. Seems unfair you should be judging me by who I’m related to.”

Jules hated that she enjoyed his voice as much as she did. His New York accent sounded warm and exotic to her ears when she should use it as nothing but a reminder that they were too different to be together.

“I don’t do fighters.”

He snorted. “Really? You could’ve fooled me.”

“That was an extreme situation. It shouldn’t have happened. You need to stop calling me.”

“You gave me your number,” he reminded her. He was quiet for one long moment before he confessed. “And I think about you—a lot.”

She thought about him too.

In fact, Jules couldn’t stop thinking about him. She’d gotten barely any sleep in four nights and it was starting to affect her life. The Christmas lights blurred to misty streams of color as she admitted, “I think about you too, but you can’t call me anymore. It was fun, but it’s over.”

“I’m saying yes to Clay,” he said dismissively, ignoring her wishes in a bullheaded way that was totally infuriating. “I’m coming to Hicksville. I wanna see what the hell they put in the water that makes such badass fighters. Clay took a bullet like he was friggin’ superman and then lay there bleeding like it was no big deal. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“You better not,” she warned, wondering how on earth she ended up falling into bed with the one man she couldn’t intimidate. “I grew up drinking this water, Romeo. You come here and start messing with my life, you won’t have time to worry ‘bout Clay and Wyatt. I’ll dent that hard head of yours personally.”

“That sorta turns me on,” Romeo said in a taunting, sexy voice. “I like ‘em feisty. Especially with that twangy accent you got going on. I’d give my last UFC check to see you in a pair of Daisy Duke shorts. With those long legs, I bet they’d look amazing.”

“I ain’t kidding. Three rounds in the cage with me and you’ll be running back to New York with your tail between your legs. I’m a scary bitch. I can give you a long list of references confirming it.”

“You can get me in a cage anytime you want,” Romeo said confidently. “If it turns you on it turns me on too. Bruises don’t scare me. Hurt me, baby. I like it.”


Whew! How hot was that. We certainly can't wait to see what Romeo and Jules will get up to in Star Crossed.:)
Thank you to Bitten By Paranormal Romance and Getting Naughtybetween the Stacks for hosting this blog hop and to Kele Moon for providing this awesome sneak peek of her fabulous upcoming novel. We had a lot of fun.

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  Steffi and Karla

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Looking forward to: Kristen Ashley's Motorcycle Man and Games of the Heart

It’s my birthday today and I thought I’d skip the review and write about something I’ve been celebrating for days now: Kristen Ashley’s upcoming releases.
Kristen Ashley is without doubt one of the brightest stars in the romance genre. She writes a hero like no other. Usually, I never read the working chapters of an upcoming book because I always feel like I’m cheating myself out of the ultimate reading experience. Well, I could not stay away from Kristen Ashley’s website.  I had been fighting myself for days until I finally cracked and read the five working chapters of Motorcycle Man (tentative release date: late May).

Before the release of Motorcycle Man, Games of the Heart will come out this month. Games of the Heart features Mike Haines from At Peace where he lost Vi to Joe Callahan. Obviously, I rooted for Cal and was all for him but Mike is really sweet and I’m so pleased that he’s getting his own story! And his woman is called Dusty. How cool is that!

You can have a look at the cover of Games of the Heart on Kristen’s facebook page here. She only revealed it very recently and it looks fab!

Back to Motorcycle Man. After reading the working chapters, I really don’t know how to manage to wait until May, so I’ve just started to re-read Wild Man and more re-reads will follow. Tack is the ultimate motorcycle bad boy and Tyra is definitely more than he expected. I don’t know how I’ll make it through the book without spontaneously combusting from all the erotic tension between Tyra and Tack. I can’t wait!!! Kristen Ashley has such a unique style. She’s funny and her books are very sexy, sensual, hilarious and at the same time, she manages to give her characters a depth I’ve never experienced before. After every single book, I feel like I know the characters intimately and I feel every single emotion right along with them. I cry, I laugh a lot and I’m just plain in love with them. If you haven’t read Kristen’s books yet, you are seriously missing out and I’m advising you to GO, read them NOW:D

If you want to read the five working chapters of Motorcycle Man, click here to download them from Kristen’s website.

In case you’d like a little taste of what’s coming in Games of the Heart, click here to read the first five working chapters on Kristen’s website.

And last but not least, here is our Tack: (I'm getting the shivers just looking at it, and not the bad kind either!)

and the cover for Games of the Heart. Isn't it beautiful?

Happy March 14th, everyone!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Run from Fear by Jami Alden

Run from Fear is the third and last book in Jami Alden’s very successful romantic-suspense trilogy. Beg for Mercy totally blew me away and made me a huge fan of Jami’s writing.

We first meet Talia in Beg for Mercy when she withholds crucial information to protect herself and her little sister, Rosario. Maybe she didn’t always make the right decisions but they were understandable. Jack Brooks was the man who cottoned on to her secret and promised to always protect her and Rosie if she’d come forward. Two years later, Rum from Fear tells Talia and Jack’s story. Talia has built a new life for herself and her sister and she finally feels safe again. Not once in the two years apart has she forgotten about Jack, though. Neither has Jack!

Unfortunately, Jack represents everything Talia wants to forget about and she practically beats herself up about wanting him. Jack can’t keep his feelings for Talia to himself anymore. He’s kept tabs on her over the years but he can’t help himself, he has to see her again, talk to her. Now Talia is the focus of a stalker and Jack is going to stick to her like glue.

Jack is truly amazing. He is very protective, sweet and gentle, no pushover and very hot. Talia doesn’t even realize that she has the jackpot right in front of her. While I did understand Talia’s hesitation to start another relationship after being the mistress of a vicious and cruel, crazy man, she never reached the point of forgiving herself and accepting that the past can’t be changed, in my opinion. That, especially, got very annoying after a while.

On its own, Run from Fear would have been a better than average suspense with a strong romance. In comparison to Beg for Mercy and Hide from Evil, it was very disappointing. I was also very annoyed by the villain of the story. Jami Alden could have turned this into an extraordinary book, had she not revealed the villain so early in the story. I never ever would have guessed. Unfortunately, she didn’t do that and I’m sad to say that Run from Fear was only an average read for me. The series is still worth reading. Beg for Mercy and Hide from Evil are in a league of their own and I highly recommend both books. Run from Fear did not affect me at all. A slightly disappointing end to a fabulous series!

Run from Fear was kindly provided by the publisher via netgalley


Friday, March 9, 2012

Fury of Fire by Coreene Callahan

Great start to what should prove to be a HOT series. If the secondary characters are any indication of what’s to come; we are in for a treat. It held my attention from beginning to end, it’s not a long book, and I blew right through it. Bastian and Myst were dyno-mite! Great names, fantastic couple, sexy steamy skin on skin time! SSSSSSSSSSMOKIN’ hot fire breathin’, and I’m not talkin’ about dragon breath! Usually it’s the guy that’s the aggressor, but Myst didn’t hold back she wanted her man, scales, wings and all. Watch out, woman in lust!  [ With a soft growl, she shoved her dessert aside. He glanced up, heat making his eyes shimmer in the low light. Thunder boomed, rattling the windowpanes, and she leapt from her seat. She went up and over, sending plates and utensils flying. Fine china collided with cut crystal, skidding across the tabletop. (hide spoiler)]

There was plenty of action, great characters, including two human detectives, Angela and Mac, that I’m sure will play a big part in the story going forward. Angela has already gotten up close and personal with Bastian’s wing man, Riker, a delicious ice dragon…brrrrr *shivers*…a really HOT cool guy! I even felt a slight spark for Ivar, the evil-doer, a Razorback…he was almost charming, when he wasn’t leaving death in his wake.

I was a bit thrown by the abrupt ending and really wanted to stay with the Dragonkind a little longer. This series is similar to others in this genre, but is unique enough that it’s not like reading the same old, same old. So if you’re like me and love a good dragon tale, read this book!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Redwood Bend by Robyn Carr

While it’s always good to go back to Virgin River, this time I left a little disappointed. I was looking forward to this book, and while it started out well enough, it took an odd turn about halfway through.

Katie is Conner’s younger sister from Hidden Summit. She is a widow, with twin boys, and lost her husband to the war before her children were born. I was anxious to see this brave woman, with such a tragic past find true love once again. As she's making her way to reunite with her brother Conner and his girlfriend Leslie, she has some car trouble and a group of men motoring their way to Virgin River stop to give her a hand. That’s where she first sees Dylan Childress, former childhood star turned pilot and entrepreneur, on a ride with some of his buddies. There connection is instantaneous and they meet up again once their paths cross in Virgin River. He was always up front with her about his life, what he’s looking for, and where life was taking him. Very shortly it seems, he going back to Hollywood, financial issues are forcing him to seek work there. Although it’s not what he wants to do, he feels responsible for the well-being of his employees and their families. 
Dylan is a sweetheart and did nothing but cater to Katie and treat her with the utmost respect. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for her. Wow the bitch-o-meter went full tilt to the right when things didn’t go her way, even though Dylan delayed leaving and offered her every opportunity to stay in touch. Nothing she said made any sense from there on out and I felt like she was talking in circles. Katie kept reiterating that she was a “mother first” and no one would get between her and her kids. I think Robyn Carr was trying to use the “bear” situation to mirror Katie’s attitude, but it only made her come off like a…well like…a BITCH! She was supposed to be sassy, but…um…I didn’t see it that way. Dylan stayed true to character, and I adored him. They both end up having a life-changing wakeup call and decide to give it a go.
The book wasn’t all bad and most of it was classic VR! We got to see some of our favorites, Jack being the one that made the biggest appearance and of course there was some suspense that brings the town together. I’ve really missed Mel though, and I wish the RC would bring her into the storyline in the future. She is after all the one that started it when she met Jack. They are the heart of the town. This book was a little steamier than some of the other books in the series, but it worked, because when Katie and Dylan connected on that level you could certainly feel the desire they had for each other. I also felt that the ending didn’t really ring true and Katie had another personality change when once again she was “nice”.
If you’re a fan of the series, and believe me I am, then give it a try. You might feel differently than me, but I would not count this one in as one of the better books in the Virgin River saga.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bear, Otter and the Kid by TJ Klune

Bear, Otter and the Kid is FREE right now on Dreamspinner Press (exp March 7). To download the book from the website click here

I can't remember when I've last been so invested in a book. I came across Bear, Otter, and the Kid by coincidence, browsing online book stores for something to read. The only other m-m romance I had read was a short story that was actually part of a series and I read it more to complete the series than out of interest. Anyway, the reviews for Bear, Otter, and the Kid were all really great and recommended the book. My moments of spontaneity are quite rare but one of those rare moments came along at just the right time and I purchased the book. I realize I'm disgressing quite a lot here but what I really want to say is: I'm a very fussy reader and even though I'm really trying, I'm not always happy to read anything out of my usual range of books. I'm so glad I took the plunge with Bear, Otter, and the Kid because I wouldn't want to have missed this. Immediately after finishing this book, I knew that it would become one of my all-time favorites and there will definitely be many many re-reads.
Basically the title already tells you what the book is about. Bear takes care of his little brother since having been abandoned by their mother. Otter is one of Bear's best friends but just when he needed him most, Otter left Bear and moved to San Diego. But now after several years, Otter is back and he isn't inclined to leave again. The whole story behind this is explained by Bear in the first-person POV. This was really fitting here and I think necessary to understand all the developments in Bear's life. You will accompany Bear on his quest to get to know himself and his desires. Bear doesn't understand his growing feelings for Otter, especially since he has a girlfriend that he loves.
T.J. Klune has the amazing ability to play with words and different writing styles and merges them together so beautifully that everything feels incredibly natural. Written by another author the writing style would have made this book hard to read and the storyline difficult to follow. That is not the case here. Everything flows together beautifully and I enjoyed being challenged by this new different way of story telling.
Every character of this book is very close to my heart but what I loved most is the way T.J. Klune approaches the topic of Love. This book is not about coming out or admitting to yourself that you're homosexual. Bear is searching for his soul mate and in the book he realizes that he has already found the one for him, only does that person not fit into Bear's plan and his idea of how his life should be like. (At least that's the way I understood it:)
I cannot say often enough how beautiful this book is. I recommend this to anyone who likes love stories without stereotypes and clichés. I take my hat off to T.J. Klune. This book is an experience and it made me stay up until late in the night to finish it. A gem of a book that will always be very close to my heart!!


Without a doubt, one of the BEST books I have ever read!!! I would have never even considered this book if Steffi had not recommended it. It exceeded my expectations. Fantastic dialogue, amazing first-person narrative, humorous, emotional, thought-provoking, SUPERB writing. I'm not able to put my thoughts into words...Right now I'm floating...