Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Life by Bonnie Dee

4 1/2 Thought Provoking Stars!! Sadness looms in the background of this story, but hope, humor and the power of love is what drives the story!!

"I have a mental disability, but I wasn’t born this way. It took extra stupidity for me to get this way—driving drunk, shooting through the windshield, landing on my noggin, and scrambling my brains permanently."

Let’s face it; we all look for perfection in someone who could potentially be our life partner. Physical attraction comes first, and then once we get to know that person, it’s in our nature to find someone whose goals and lifestyle match our own. BUT…what if along with that attraction, that person came with a whole host of problems, mental and physical limitations, which they are only just beginning to adjust to themselves. As the other half, you would have to make major changes in your life too, if the relationship had any hope of moving forward. Would the attraction and appeal still ring true? It’s hard enough when have an established relationship and when someone you love is severely injured or illness befalls them, it takes a tremendous amount of will and strength to adjust to the changes that will affect both of your lives. In many cases, even though the love is there, the resolve to stay isn’t, and rather than deal with a lifetime of watching a loved one struggle, many people just walk away. It takes a special person to accept someone’s limited physical and mental capabilities, adjust to their way of living, help them through these difficulties. Anna becomes that special someone in Jason’s life and what she does for him speaks volumes and screams love!

“Love came in all sorts of different packages and mine just happened to be shaped like Jason.”

Even though the life Jason will be living is not the same as it would have been before the accident, he recognizes that he didn’t like the person he was before, but he’s been given a second chance, has his regrets, and moves ahead to become a better person, or at least he’s trying.

“Apparently it took more than a blow to the head to knock the douche out of me.”

Extremely well written and nothing like I’ve ever read before. I enjoyed the simple complexity of the story. There are serious issues at hand, but the author uses humor to project what Jason is feeling at that moment, and I found myself snickering at his comments…

"My job’s very Zen. Wax on. Wax off.”

and then my eyes would fill with tears when his realization sets in…

“The hall floors had never been so shiny. I’d never felt so dull."

This is a beautiful love story, but it’s also about someone whose suffers a major trauma and has to find middle ground with the people who have always loved him. He needs to recognize his own worth, and understand that the woman he’s falling for is willing to accept what he has to offer, even if it’s just a simple life.

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