Monday, January 7, 2013

When You Don't Have A Choice by Wendi Cassel

Hailey Nix is elated to have the opportunity to be the on-site architect and project manager for the renovation of the historic British mansion, Windhaven Manor.  Spending so much time at Windhaven allows Hailey to get to know the home's owners quite well.  The Grayson family is in a class of their own, and very few reach such lofty heights. They are extraordinarily wealthy and highly influential.  None more so than the younger son, Andrew, who Hailey feels an instant, unbreakable connection with and attraction to.  However, she must battle feelings of abandonment and inadequacy in order for true love to grow. As Andrew and Hailey explore their rapidly escalating feelings for one another, the family itself must face decades-old secrets being exposed and the potential for danger this brings. There is an awful lot happening within the walls of Windhaven Manor!
When You Don't Have A Choice is a technically well-written, self-published, debut novel. In fact, in some ways, the writing style comes across as that of a more seasoned and traditionally-published author. There is some very real talent here! I applaud Wendi Cassel for her ability with her craft!! 

I very much enjoyed the setting of this book, in the countryside outside London.  It was such fun to imagine walking the halls of Windhaven Manor right alongside the characters. 

The characters were entertaining, and I particularly enjoyed Stephen, Andrew's older brother, and his sense of humor. However, I didn't *quite* feel the full spark between Hailey and Andrew, and I was never certain I understood just how it was they fell almost instantly in love. There was a bit more tell than show from the author in that regard. I did, though, enjoy reading about their relationship, nevertheless.

In the end, When You Don't Have A Choice is a story of love and family deception.  It's a story and an author with an awful lot of promise and potential!  I can almost guarantee there is much more to come from Wendi Cassel, and I truly look forward to what she will bring us next!! 

***Copy generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I like to support indie authors and it's great that you're doing the same thing.
    I'll check out this book.

    Glass @ Way Too Hot Books