Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One Week by Nikki Van De Car

5 Sweet Stars
Genre: Young Adult Romance
Heat Barometer: 1 out of 5 flames (virginity lost, but no description… I didn’t miss it)

What a little gem!! It was a quick read, 174 pages, and I couldn't put it down. I have been disappointed in a lot of ARC's lately, but One Week was fun and sweet from beginning to end. This is a debut book from author, Nikki Van De Car, and she shows tons of promise in the Young Adult genre, yet this story will appeal to any romance reader. It is a clean, YA romance, but this “smut queen” didn’t even miss it because the story countered with a tender and budding romance between two unlikely people. They grew together and guided each other through a lifetime of learning and experience in just One Week.

Bee, the heroine, reminded me of Alicia Silverstone in the movie, Clueless. She is 17 years old, leads a very sheltered existence, and is naïve and inexperienced in the ways of the world, as well as, the opposite sex. She is filthy rich and the only car she has ever known is the backseat of a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce. Her mother left her when she was young, therefore she is being raised by her father who she feels uses her for his own business needs and publicity with his Hollywood crowd. Bee and her father’s relationship has been strained since she caught him in a lie, which he did for her protection. He ends up putting Bee in an uncomfortable situation that turns bad and she runs away thinking she has no one that really loves her.

Where Bee is Rodeo Drive, Jess, the hero, is completely Goodwill, they are polar opposites in every aspect of life. When she first sees him she thinks he is a “goth geek” and keeps her distance. He calls her Barbie and knows he wants nothing to do with her. But as they both begin their road trip to New York from LA on the bus and train system across the United States they develop a bond that goes from protectiveness in friendship to a genuine, caring, young love.

The adventure Bee and Jess embark on bombards them with hard learning experiences, but what I loved was that no matter the obstacles, and some were challenging even scary, they had each other’s backs. They weren’t always happy with each other and at times they showed the immaturity of their ages by the way they handle the conflicts. I loved that the author let them be their age instead of making them all grown up. It gave authenticity to the story.

The plot was smooth and well written and the momentum just kept building throughout the road trip. There was some fun secondary characters introduced along the way. These characters were exactly the kinds of people I think you would run across on the buses, trains, and highways while hitch hiking. It gave the story humor and a realistic touch. The ending was a little quick to work out, but I felt for YA it probably was the right speed.

I love books about journeys and coming of age stories, they seem to hit the right chords with me and have been some of my highest rated books as of late, The Edge of Never, and Sins & Needles are two that come to mind. All three have completely different feels and One Week is definitely on the lighter side of the other two. I thoroughly enjoyed every page and would highly recommend giving this book a try.

        Splage ~ 5 Stars!

                  **ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**

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