Thursday, January 31, 2013

Return to Sender by Annabeth Albert

Story Rating-5 Stars
Character Rating-5 Stars
Romance Rating-5 Stars
Heat Level-4.5 Stars
Overall Rating-5 Stars

WOW! This short story really AMAZED me. I'm not one for short stories, but this one was a spectacular read! From page one I was hooked on this story and it NEVER let go of me. What made this book work so well is that, Jack the hero, and Bree the heroine, had known each other since grade school. They were always competing with one another and that never stopped, even up to present day. As the story moves along we find out that Jack has always wanted Bree, but she never realized it. There was some fun at the beginning of this book when Jake accidentally received a package in his mail delivery that was intended for Bree. It contained something really naughty and Jack jumped at the opportunity, and used it to challenge Bree into a very sexy tryst, that lead to another and yet another.

I can hardly believe how much I enjoyed Jack and Bree's characters. Being that the story was only 62 pages, they had a lot of depth and I was impressed.

What else AMAZED me, were the sex/love scenes, WHEWEEEEEE, they were SCORCHING HOT and had me squirming in my seat. I loved the games they played while playing with each other…SMOKING!!

This book was not just about sex, it was also very romantic.

“Why me? Why all the…this?” Releasing her knees, she made a sweeping gesture. “All the games. All the teasing. All the jokes. All the arguments. Especially the arguments. Why me?”
“Haven’t you figured it out yet?” His voice was light, his usual people-amuse-me tone.
“Enlighten me.” She stared him down, waiting for a real answer.
“Because.” He rolled his shoulders, a full-body shrug. “It’s always been you.”

The ending had me tearing up a bit, because it was such a joy to read about these two finally getting the HEA that they were always meant to have.

I just found myself another must read author with Annabeth Albert. There was not a thing about this novella that I did not thoroughly enjoy. I can hardly believe that this is her first book published by Ellora's Cave. I'll be sure to snatch any of her future books and I look forward to her growing, and hope that she will write a full length novel someday.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who's looking for a very romantic and HOT read! 

*A copy was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Razing Kayne by Julieanne Reeves

Razing Kayne is one of those rare gems of a book that you are lucky to find once in a while. I am beating myself up for not reading it sooner, I don’t want to think about this wonderful book whiling away on my kindle while I was ignoring it. I have to give credit to Dhes (Uniquely Moi Dhestiny on Goodreads) for her amazing review which sealed the deal for me to read it after all. I don’t even want to imagine what I would have missed!

“For two years, State Trooper Kayne Dobrescu has wanted only one thing: to understand why his wife inexplicably killed their children and then herself. Memories haunt his days and lay siege to his nights, leaving him questioning his reason for living.  

Jessica Hallstatt became a widow and single mother the night her firefighter husband died in a fiery explosion at an accident scene. While her husband may have died a hero, he left Jessica with deep emotional scars that haven't begun to heal. 

When Kayne accepted a transfer to the mountain town of Payson, Arizona, he never expected to meet anyone like Jessica. From the moment he pulled her over for speeding, he was drawn in by her whiskey-colored eyes and sassy dimple. But she and her children are a forever package, and he's vowed never to give anyone the power to destroy him again. Yet fate has other ideas, throwing Kayne and Jessica together in a fight against an unknown enemy to save the life of a child -- and hopefully one another.”

Kayne and Jessica have both been through tragedies and heartache. Kayne lost his whole family when his wife killed their children and then committed suicide and Jess lost her husband, maybe even long before the fatal day he died in an explosion trying to protect a little baby girl found at the accident scene.  When Kayne pulls Jess over for speeding, he feels an instant connection but his life has been desolate and lonely for so long, he isn’t ready to take the plunge and care about someone again or have them care about him. Jess’ kids instantly fall in love with Kayne and he finds himself spending more and more time with the Hallstatt family. One thing he can’t get out of his mind is how similar the youngest Hallstatt, Grace, looks to his lost daughter, Tasha. Tasha was lost after the massacre at Kayne’s house but could never be found. Kayne has suspicions but he doesn’t want to hurt Jessica or her children, so he keeps them to himself until Jessica and Kayne come to a point where they have to make life changing decisions. 

Even though the way Jess and Kayne start their relationship is not very romantic, I loved that we are able to spend so much time with them as a couple. You might assume that this book is sad and you won’t get around shedding a few tears. Well, you’re right, but the happy and fun moments of the book by far outweigh the sad ones. If the sad wasn’t there, the happy would only be half as beautiful and precious. Seeing Kayne embrace his new life and love again was one of the most beautiful things I have come across in reading romance. Jess and Kayne both deserve so much happiness and their children were a joyful addition to the story. 

There is a suspense plot in Razing Kayne but it is well balanced out with the romance and always connected to family life and the budding new love between Kayne and Jess. You won’t have to go through pages of police work; Julieanne Reeves always adds a personal touch and mixes romance and suspense very well.

Lastly, I want to talk about the plot. I don’t want to give anything away because the plot is developed in a way that every scene and new step in the story somehow has consequences, as it should. If I told you one thing, I would have to explain the whole book to you because the author created the story as one beautifully interwoven package, not separate chapters without any real connection.

So you now know that you will read about tragedy, romance, friends and family, a mystery sub plot and of course love. What more could you ask for? Some sizzle, you say? Some dirty loving? Well, you’re in luck because on top of an already beautiful and fantastic story, Julieanne Reeves created a smoking hot cop, in uniform and out of it, and a sexy and soft woman with a core of steel and they are sizzling hot together. You don’t need any kink to get these two going. One look and they can’t keep their hands off each other.

I started Razing Kayne with the intention of only reading the first chapter to decide where I wanted it on my to-read list. The next time I looked up from my kindle it was 4 am. Razing Kayne combines it all in one delicious, emotional, fun package. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes love stories with a bit of a kick!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Life by Bonnie Dee

4 1/2 Thought Provoking Stars!! Sadness looms in the background of this story, but hope, humor and the power of love is what drives the story!!

"I have a mental disability, but I wasn’t born this way. It took extra stupidity for me to get this way—driving drunk, shooting through the windshield, landing on my noggin, and scrambling my brains permanently."

Let’s face it; we all look for perfection in someone who could potentially be our life partner. Physical attraction comes first, and then once we get to know that person, it’s in our nature to find someone whose goals and lifestyle match our own. BUT…what if along with that attraction, that person came with a whole host of problems, mental and physical limitations, which they are only just beginning to adjust to themselves. As the other half, you would have to make major changes in your life too, if the relationship had any hope of moving forward. Would the attraction and appeal still ring true? It’s hard enough when have an established relationship and when someone you love is severely injured or illness befalls them, it takes a tremendous amount of will and strength to adjust to the changes that will affect both of your lives. In many cases, even though the love is there, the resolve to stay isn’t, and rather than deal with a lifetime of watching a loved one struggle, many people just walk away. It takes a special person to accept someone’s limited physical and mental capabilities, adjust to their way of living, help them through these difficulties. Anna becomes that special someone in Jason’s life and what she does for him speaks volumes and screams love!

“Love came in all sorts of different packages and mine just happened to be shaped like Jason.”

Even though the life Jason will be living is not the same as it would have been before the accident, he recognizes that he didn’t like the person he was before, but he’s been given a second chance, has his regrets, and moves ahead to become a better person, or at least he’s trying.

“Apparently it took more than a blow to the head to knock the douche out of me.”

Extremely well written and nothing like I’ve ever read before. I enjoyed the simple complexity of the story. There are serious issues at hand, but the author uses humor to project what Jason is feeling at that moment, and I found myself snickering at his comments…

"My job’s very Zen. Wax on. Wax off.”

and then my eyes would fill with tears when his realization sets in…

“The hall floors had never been so shiny. I’d never felt so dull."

This is a beautiful love story, but it’s also about someone whose suffers a major trauma and has to find middle ground with the people who have always loved him. He needs to recognize his own worth, and understand that the woman he’s falling for is willing to accept what he has to offer, even if it’s just a simple life.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Reaper's Property by Joanna Wylde

4.5 Stars!

"You're a pig," I whispered back. "You know that, right?"
"So far bein' a pig works for me, babe," he said.

Ah, Horse. Way to charm a girl! Does it work, you all wonder? Oh...does it ever work;)

Horse, known also (and only) to his mother as Marcus Antonius Caesar McDonnell, is close to 6'5, a former Marine, tattooed, truly badass and a member of the Reapers Motorcycle Club.  He and the MC have been doing business with one Jeff Jensen, stoner and computer wizard extraordinaire.  Well, Jeff just so happens to have a sister, Marie.  Now, Marie has just left her abusive husband and moved in with the aforementioned brother, stoner and computer wizard extraordinaire. The same brother who, if you'll recall, is doing *very serious* business for the Reapers MC. Marie is sure she doesn't need or want another man in her life at the moment, particularly one who could easily pass for a criminal on looks alone. Even if he does make her girlie bits sit up and sing the Hallelujah Chorus. Horse is equally as sure that Marie belongs in his life, in his house and on the back of his bike. The sizable appendage for which he is nicknamed rapidly nods its head in full agreement. Ah, but the path of true biker love never does run smooth. Stoner-brother Jeff creates some problems for the Reapers, and, news flash!, bikers aren't big on being played. Who'dathunkit?!  Well, threats are made, violence ensues, ultimatums are given. Marie sees the MC, Horse in particular, as the problem. Horse sees Marie as the solution.Whatever will become of these two crazy kids and young (biker-style) love???   

Pure. Fun. That's what Reaper's Property is! It's a super-sexed-up Sons of Anarchy that provides nonstop, high-octane entertainment from the first page to the last!! When you're in the mood to lose yourself in the daydream of romance, MC-style, you cannot go wrong with this one!  Are there elements of the MC life, as written, that fuel my temper and make me want to take a dull pair of scissors to Horse's dangly bits? Oh, without a doubt, my sisters. Without. A. Doubt. That's been true of just about every MC story I've read.  BUT, if you can look past that, block it out, or just allow yourself the fantasy while knowing it would never be acceptable in reality, well, then, you will have one *heck* of a good time with Horse, Picnic, Ruger, Bam Bam, Duck and the rest of the Reapers MC!

Joana Wylde truly did a fantastic job telling this story, and I really hope this is intended to be a series. I'll be first in line for book number two (Picnic or Ruger, please;)!!

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