Kratom is an evergreen tree which is native to Southeast Asia. The leaves of these trees are known to have psychotic effects when consumed directly or indirectly in the form of tea, coffee or in a medicinal way. This resulted in Kratom gaining a lot of popularity and as a result, the number of vendors and dealers for Kratom increased in a huge number over the Internet. However, there are lot of online Kratom vendors that are notorious for selling fake and bad quality products. This becomes risky because buying good quality Kratom online is very important as fake or bad quality products might ruin your health. That’s why, in this article, we will help you buy quality Kratom by recommending these 5 online Kratom vendors.

1) BKN Kratom

BKN, aka Bulk Kratom Now, is probably the only online store for Kratom that sells the product in bulk with wholesale prices. Now many people might think that since this sounds a bit shady and BKN is a new online Kratom vendor, maybe it is too good to be true. But don’t let this fool you because BKN ensures quality products for their customers. Every review that I personally came across online for this online Kratom vendor, is totally positive. Customers love the products provided by BKN and many people pointed out that they also love the fact that BKN is totally affordable.

And on top of affordable prices, they also provide 30 different varieties of capsule and powder strains. The most recommended one, out of all the available products, is definitely the Green Bali, as it is loved and recommended by a lot of people. And also, rest assured because the owners of BKN Kratom have been in the Kratom industry since 2014, and so they best understand the type of products people love and that’s why they are able to provide quality and variety of products in an affordable price.

2) Happy Hippo Herbals

Happy Hippo Herbals are well known among the Kratom community and is one of the highly reputed online Kratom vendors. This Kratom supplier also provides different type of quality products but, if ordered in bulk, it might get a bit expensive depending on what type of product the customer is going for. Happy Hippo Herbals are open for shipment internationally. However, the shipping price is not free and so, it might get really expensive if you are ordering it out of the United States.

But, when it comes to quality, rest assure because they claim to be the best which is very true. Happy Hippo’s staff comprises of family and friends that has a combined total of 20+ years’ experience of using Kratom. They are highly experience and each batch of product that are manufactured is tested before it goes out to the customers. They have their own farmers, they test their products and they make sure that only the quality products get through, which is made available for the customers. They have very good and positive reviews, which you can go through, if you visit their website.

3) Coastline Kratom

Coastline Kratom was one of the legit online Kratom vendors before BKN and Happy Hippo became popular. They are highly reputable when it comes to quality product and till today, they are able to maintain that standard. Because of this reason, they are still one of the most trusted Kratom vendors. They always live up to their customer’s expectations because they never fail to disappoint when it comes to quality.

But, lot of people, now-a-days, don’t go for Coastline Kratom due to two main reasons. One reason is the pricing and the second reason is less varieties of products. To put it in a simple way, Coastline Kratom is very expensive and they don’t provide much varieties when it comes to their products. Now yes, it is true that when you go above a certain price, the shipping within United States becomes free. However, for the same price, you’ll easily get quality products in more quantity from BKN or Happy Hippo.

So, if you want to compromise the pricing factor, then Coastline Kratom is worth giving a try because it won’t disappoint you when it comes to quality. However, if money is an issue then go for BKN or Happy Hippo and you’ll easily get varieties of products in a lower price especially if you are not ordering in bulk.

4) Kats Botanicals

Kats Botanicals is one of the most trusted Kratom vendor. They ensures that their Kratom is traditionally farmed in Indonesia. They work closely with Indonesian farmers to produce their Kratom and the product is always verified in terms of quality before distribution. All traditional farming practices are followed while producing the Kratom. Their Kratom is well known for its smooth taste. The quality of their product is very good, which is a result because of their traditional farming practices. Also, the Kratom is tested in a lab based in the United States before it is made available for the customers. A customer can even get in touch with them if they want to know about their lab results.

Even though they provide top notch quality products and have a pretty decent variety of products on their catalog, still, the varieties of product is lacking compared to BKN and Happy Hippo. Plus, bulk orders might get a bit expensive. Yes, similar to Coastline Kratom, Kats Botanicals also provide free shipping if a customer buys product above a certain price, which in this case is 100 USD. Still it is expensive compared to BKN and Happy Hippo.

So, once again, if money is not an issue then you can go for Kats Botanicals and try out their products. However, if money is an issue then stick with BKN and Happy Hippo.

5) TGM Kratom

TGM, aka The Great Monk, is one of the oldest Kratom supplier and so it is trusted by many people. They are also one of the most reputable online Kratom vendors and was a popular choice back in 2019, when BKN was not live. One of the best thing that people loved about TGM is that they were affordable and their quality was top notch. Lot of people, at first, thought that they would not last too long because it was a new vendor and it was cheap. So many people, just like BKN now, thought that it was too good to be true. But they stood out and outshined their competitors with quality product in affordable prices. They became so popular that even American Kratom Association recommends them as a trustworthy source.

TGM is well known for its pure and unadulterated Kratom. They have a variety of products in different form. Even though the pricing has increased in the recent year, they are still affordable for the quality you get. In 2019, TGM was even recommended as the best online Kratom vendor by many sources. The product is lab tested to ensure quality and you can even find the test results by AKA on their official website. So, if you are looking for pure, affordable quality product, then TGM is the place you are looking for.


When it comes to buying quality Kratom, always choose accordingly. Make sure you do not get involved with some vendors that sell fake or bad quality products. This might hurt your health and who knows what they are selling? So, do not take the risk. Go for these vendors we have recommended, and you will be fine.

Also, as of 2020, if you want quality product in affordable price, then BKN Kratom is the best Kratom website to go for from this list. However, as we have mentioned that all these Kratom suppliers provide different quality products. So, if money is not an issue, then try it once from all these vendors and choose for yourself. All of these vendors are trustworthy and well reputed in this field, so you have nothing to worry about.

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