About Us

Hi, I’m Karla! So glad you stopped by to visit. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a 53 year old mother to one fantastic 22 year old son. I work full time for a community bank in my neighborhood in their administrative office. The position I hold can be very stressful at times, so when I unwind I like to read. As a child and young adult I was an avid reader of mysteries and thrillers, but then somehow life got in the way, You know marriage, raising a child, running a household and reading slowly took a back seat. I sort of drifted away from my books for many years. About 2 years ago, I was home recuperating from a car accident when my son purchased some of the Twilight books for me. I was hooked. I could not my hands on books with a romance theme fast enough. Paranormal, suspense, historical, contemporary, I love them all. I guess you could say I got Swept Away by Romance!!
I was introduced to Goodreads by my good friend Kathleen, and that’s where I met Steffi. We were not crazy about a book that everyone else loved, we chatted, and became friends. Steffi and I always seem to be on the “same page” as far as books are concerned, and because of that she was kind enough to invite me to do a blog with her. So here we are. She’s young, I’m old, and we’re separated by an ocean, but our love of romance books brought us together and now we want to spread that love.  
I’m looking forward to getting our blog up and running and, I hope that you’ll be back again to join us as we ride the romance wave together.

I’m Steffi and I’m a German college student on the way to getting my degree in English and German Literature. I love to read, do anything with my hilarious friends, write and go hiking and running, preferably with my dog, a yellow lab, because she can run for miles and motivates me to go on. Well, she runs and I pretty much just follow herJ Anyway, I met Karla through goodreads and we instantly hit it off. I’m so happy she agreed to do this blog with me and hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I do.
When I was a teenager I did not really read very much, if at all. If you did catch me with a book, it was more along the lines of Waris Diries’ Desert Flower or Patrick Süskind’s Perfume: The Story of A Murderer (both brilliant!). I still read those kinds of books today but at that time romance books did not appeal to me at all. Then one day, a very good friend of mine lend me the first two books of the Chicago Stars Series by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, It Had to Be You and Heaven, Texas. What can I say? The rest is history. I instantly became obsessed with romance books and in record time read through NYT bestseller lists. I realized I was a total philistine of romance novel culture, when I discovered goodreads through another good friend of mine. Not only did I meet some great people there (Karla *wink wink*) who share my love of books but I also discovered many amazing authors and have significantly added to my growing collection of books.
Anything else you might want to know about me? Well, a woman never talks about her age but Karla was fearless and told you hers, so I’ll just follow her lead. I’m 21, turning 22 in March 2012. The Internet and especially social-networks can be really creepy sometimes but in the case of Karla and me it shows its advantages. Even if I lived in the States, our age difference would have probably hindered any kind of friendship. Now I’m just glad I got to meet her and hope we’ll have lots of fun with this blog.